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Municipal Enforcement

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Respecting the rights of our neighbours is an important aspect of community living. At times, however, boundaries may be crossed and it is up to Municipal Law Enforcement Officers to investigate complaints received from the public about alleged violations of various Municipal By-Laws. The goal of the Municipal Enforcement Unit is not to penalize the citizens and or visitors to a community. It is to achieve compliance through education and the provision of information that may help an offender realize his or her mistake, which will help to preserve the quality of life to which each citizen is entitled. MEU - Municipal Enforcement Unit Officers enforce a variety of Municipal By-Laws and Provincial Legislation, including but not limited to the following:

  • PROPERTY STANDARDS (Cleaning & Clearing By-laws)

In virtually all cases, enforcement of the above regulations is limited to the issue of an advisory or a warning and recommendations as to compliance options. Rarely is it necessary to issue an offence notice. It is our philosophy that willing compliance is always the preferred outcome. MEU has several programs that can be put in place to help with education.

Our goal is to work with local police services, giving the police officers more time to do active investigation and enforcement on serious criminal issues while leaving the relatively routine tasks of Provincial Offences Enforcement to us. The other goal is to work with municipal staff to resolve issues that arise and to get a good result to resolving an issue.

Starting in January 2001, The Municipal Enforcement Unit began working on a ninety day test program in the Town of Petrolia and in March 2002, the Town of Petrolia agreed to a contract with the unit. In this contract, MEU uses their specially trained Municipal Law Enforcement Officers (who are sworn in by the Municipality) to do routine enforcement of By-Laws and Provincial Offences around the clock.

The Municipal Enforcement Unit has been supplying By-law Enforcement Services for over 10 years in various locations throughout Southwestern Ontario:

  • Town of Petrolia
  • Municipality of Brooke Alvinston
  • Municipality of Dutton-Dunwich
  • Southwest Middlesex
  • Village of Newbury
  • Township of Southwold
  • City of Sarnia

Management Biography

William H.C Menzie - Chief of Operations

Bill Menzie

Bill has 28 years of experience in Security and Law Enforcement in both the private and public sectors. Bill is an instructor in Tactical Handcuffing, Use of Force, Public Order, Note taking and Court procedures. Bill also has further training in the following areas: DOLA (Dog Owners Liability Act), Graffiti &Tagging Identification, Guns on the Street, Domestic Violence...

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Shawn Jean - Staff Sergeant

Shawn has more than 18 years of public and private law-enforcement experience. Shawn has been a sworn Criminal Code Peace Officer since 2001 and a Provincial Offences Officer since 2002. Shawn has become a well know educator in his field, often being called upon to educate his colleagues and the public on the services that he provides. Shawn has extensive experience in the application of the Ontario use of...

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Officers on Staff

The rest of the officers that work for MEU have a variety of experience in Private and Public Law Enforcement with the average of 5 to 10 years’ experience for each officer.

And Management and Staff are always up-dating and taking new courses in other areas throughout their careers.

MEU Officer Training

Our Training was designed with the co-operation of law enforcement trainer’s. When we approached them and discuss our plans they immediately reviewed the many requirements needed for MEU Officers to perform the duties of a By-Law and Provincial Offenses Act Officer.

Areas of study for our specialized staff are:

  • First aid and CP
  • Use of Force Training
  • Handcuffing and Restraint techniques
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Emergency Contingency Planning
  • Fire Fighting techniques
  • They will also be versed Act
  • The Police Services Act
  • The Criminal Code of Canada
  • The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • The Youth Criminal Justice Act
  • The Trespass to Property Act
  • The Provincial Offenses Act
  • Communications
  • Officer Safety / Awareness
  • Any municipal laws that need to be enforced
  • Citation writing for both Local By-Law Citations and Forms I /II/III Provincial Offences Act Citations

Municipal Law Enforcement Officers

To accomplish this role it is necessary for the enforcement personnel to be well trained and highly motivated persons.

Our Officers are very carefully chosen people who must have security or law enforcement training at a post-secondary level or have previous employment in the law enforcement or military field. This will ensure that only persons who are motivated, skilled, and career oriented are used to fulfill our client’s needs.

The requirements don’t stop there, Municipal Enforcement Unit candidates will be required to pass a rigorous training program, which is administered by certified and licensed trainers.

The candidates must be irreproachable in character, and they must be able to be bonded. They will be well groomed, personable, competent, and professional.

Reporting and Administration

With each occurrence written you will receive an “Occurrence/Activity Reporting” that will describe in detail the events that led up to the citation being served and anything that is necessary to corroborate the citation (such as video/photo evidence).This will also brief description of any activities while officers are on patrol and any enforcement and education action taken throughout a shift. Also the information reported is used to develop detailed reports for court if needed.

Our “Video/Photo Evidence Program” offers conclusive proof of an offence being committed. Our officers are outfitted with a state of the art video system that captures all facets of a situation from the discovery of the offence, to the serving of the citation, our program ensures a higher conviction rating by giving real proof that can be used to help offenders realize they have been caught red handed. This program is also a benefit for the court when having to prosecute a case before the court.

Consulting Services. We also can help a Municipality develop By-laws which will deal with certain problems a Municipality may have. Our staff can do the research and develop a draft by-law to deal with a problem and then submit this to the municipality with recommendations for implementation. The MEU does this already in several municipalities currently.

All the above have helped the MEU have a 93% closing and conviction rating in any of the municipalities we are contracted with.

We at the Municipal Enforcement Unit know that we will be able to fulfill all of your enforcement needs.

Real Savings

  • Save budget dollars, money saved can be used in other areas.
  • Legislation is already in place. No special approval is needed, only your agreement to contract the service from us.
  • Many hours and dollars have been devoted to research and development of this program.
  • Personnel selection is formatted to other Provincial and Federal law enforcement standards. Our officers are equal to those the Municipality would employ themselves.
  • Saving from equipment, training, overtime costs, and vehicles.
  • All employees are bonded and insured by the Municipal Enforcement unit.
  • The MEU is a member of the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers Association of Ontario and the Prosecutors of Ontario.

Please note, this package gives you only a small quantity of what our firm is capable of. We tailor each Enforcement program to each community (that’s right not each Township or municipality, but each community within that township or municipality).

We understand that you are looking at our service because you have a need that is not being met. We look forward to fulfilling your needs.