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K-9 Detection

Since the beginning, Blue Knight Security has been involved in leading the way for the Security Guard, Patrol and Training industry by providing excellent customer service, competitive pricing and a true image. Our state of the art management team has allowed us to target specific markets that require specialized tools and training through our professional staff. One of the ways we do this is the Training and Deployment of our Scent Dog Program.

Over the course of the last few years, there has been an increased concern regarding non-prescription narcotics and how they affect our day to day lives. When searching school lockers, peoples' belongings, vehicles, and properties isn't good enough through human detection, Blue Knight Security releases the hounds! Our Scent Dog Program is an 8-12 month training program where we educate man’s best friend in tracking the common narcotics seen into today’s trafficking world. We utilize 'State of the Art' training taught by Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide and guarantee our results by deploying our dogs and their handlers to tackle the toughest situations.

Our handlers, otherwise known as K9 Officers, undergo both our basic training program where we teach the Handler to understand and articulate basic dog commands and then our Advanced Training program which allows our handlers to understand scents, animal behaviours, types of searches and theory behind the job. K9 Officers normally spend 6 months to 1 year of on the job training before being associated with our Scent Dog Program where they are interviewed, evaluated and examined to ensure we provide only the best handlers to our K9 division.