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Security Guard Patrol

Security Patrol is one of the most effective tools you as a customer can deploy for your business. Our fully marked Security Patrol vehicles arrive at random times through the night with each time being different from the last. This service is most effective because trespassers don't know when to expect our guard to show up, in a fully striped and logo’s car ready for duty. Our satisfaction rate is 100% guarantee that if you have a problem we can solve it. Our Patrol Officers have on the spot communication to contact the 24/7 control Centre to have Police dispatched, or when calling the Police just isn't enough, we deal with the problem directly; either by notice or arrest. Our Patrol Officer tours your property, makes note of any irregularities and completes a report for your inspection. In our effort to "Go Green" we also provide emailed or electronic reports to avoid the printing of paper!

Patrol is useful with:

  • Plaza patrol
  • Youth and gang removal
  • Fire watch
  • Alarm response
  • By-law enforcement
  • Park patrol
  • Bike patrol
  • Community Patrol