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Security Guards & Handcuffs
posted by Craig C Doig August 24, 2012, 2:55 pm
Common question always comes up when the average person sees a Security Guard with a pair of Handcuffs. "Can a Security Guard arrest?"

Prior to the changes of Bill 159 Security Agencies handed out Handcuffs to Security Guards the same way your 2 year old kid gives away his PEZ candy to his friends. This was because there was no mandated training requiring Security Guards to know how to use the handcuffs when making arrests.

Today however most Security Agencies have implemented their own designated Training Programs (or hire trainers) to execute these programs that specifically give training on Using Force, Court-based theory and safe application. The emphasis is making the apprehension with Handcuffs safe and effective by providing the least discomfort to the person being arrested.

In 1999 Patrick Shand, 26 years old stole some baby food from a Loblaws Grocery store, was arrested by Security from the store and held face down in the parking lot. He suffered Restraint Asphyxia and died from the arrest prompting an inquest in to the way Security Guards make arrests and who mandates their training.

So to answer the question, yes Security Guards can make arrests, and use handcuffs while doing such. They hold the same powers as a normal citizen does in relation to section 494 of the Criminal Code.

So next time you see a Security Guard with handcuffs, know that they've completed extensive training and have a good understanding of when and where they are allowed to use their Cuffs!
posted by Joe Sears November 27, 2013, 7:45 am

Thanks for that post on using force and handcuff procedures. Until I read this information, I truly wasn't aware that Security Guards had authorization to carry handcuffs. I will be contacting your firm for training very soon as I want to learn the procedures in full detail.

posted by rolland ross June 16, 2013, 7:51 pm
I like the look of your vehicles, the dress and the uniforms along with the equipment you carry. Can you email me and tell me how I should go about becoming a security guard with your agency?

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